I would like to leave this review for anybody wanting pool service in the Naples or Marco Island area.  We joined Tony’s company two months before Hurricane Irma came through and totally destroyed our pool cage and as a result turned our pool into a disaster zone.  Tony was on the scene two days after Irma has passed through and took pictures for me, not only of the pool, but also of the house.  He quickly got into action and within a week my pool was totally cleaned and back to being usable.  He even arranged to have the pool cage removed for me.

I asked him how much extra I owed him for the service and his reply was, nothing at all.  We have all suffered enough.

This is an outstanding company which is professionally run and operated.

Olga, Marco Island,

If you are looking to change your pool service because of inconsistent service from your current pool company then I highly recommend Tony from Blue Water Pools.  My home is in Falcons Glen in the Lely Resort.  I rent my home out to vacationers and I have had nothing but positive comments about how my pool looked and how courteous the pool guy was.  The company is owned and operated by Tony, a real added bonus for me is that if he sees any problems whilst he is at my home, he will let myself or my management company know.

Exceptional service.  I am so glad I found you.


Blue Water Pools cleans my pool every week and has done for the past seven months.  I switched to them after they were recommended to me by a friend in the Lely Resort.  My pool from the first week they started looked great and has been maintained that way ever  since.

I am a part time resident in Lely and what I really like about the company is it is owner operated and Tony, the owner, sends me a picture each visit, if I am out of town.

Outstanding company, highly recommended.

Debbie, Lely Resort,

Thank you for your excellent service, my pool is serviced on the same day every week and looks great.

Wayne & Bev - Verona Walk, Naples,